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"SUPERSEAL" brings you international quality and technology of purest so also safest and the best Asbestos packing, sealing and textile products. "SUPERSEAL" meets the demand of entire range required for Steel, Aluminium, Power, Fertiliser, Refinery, Glass, Chemical, Sugar Mill, Cement Plant, Railways, Marine, Ordnance Factory etc. Presently hi-tech packing are in vogue to meet the development in all areas of the Industries. To meet the demand "SUPERSEAL" have imported "Aqua Dispersion Process" technology from World renowned British Belting & Asbestos Group of England. Asbestos products manufactured in "Aqua Dispersion Process" is not only the purest but also Non-Health Hazardous. Moreover "Aqua Dispersion Process" also makes the product technically superior providing the lowest 'Loss on Ignition', the most important factor in Asbestos product for best possible performance and longer life. "SUPERSEAL" Asbestos products are manufactured as per IS: 4687/1995 / ASTM Grade AAA, AAAA


Style No. Temperature Steam / Super Heated & Saturated Steam Application
SS-1992 450°C White Dry Asbestos cover on cover plaited packing recommended for insulation and sealing against Steam, Hot Gas, Coke Oven Door, Boiler Door & Peep Hole, Auto Claves etc. conforming to IS Specification ASTM Grade AAA/AAAA
SS-1993 325°C Lubricated and Graphited cover on cover Plaited Asbestos packing recommended for general purpose use in valve gland, pump stuffing box for low & medium temperature and pressure condition, conforming to IS-4687/1995.
SS-1994 350°C Lubricated and Graphited Asbestos packing reinforced with White Metal Wire. This mechanically strong and low friction Asbestos packing is recommended for static and rotary motion against steam, hot water, week acids and alkalis.
SS-1995 (M) 500°C Special Self Lubricated Graphited Asbestos packing reinforced with Brass Wire, recommended for High Speed Centrifugal & Reciprocating motion at elevated temperature and pressure. Reinforcement improves its mechanical strength and the special lubricant improves anti frictional properties to provide longer life of packing. This is suitable for super heated and saturated steam, hot water, air, gas, oil etc.
SS-1995 490°C Special Non-Metallic Self lubricated and Graphited Asbestos Packing recommended for valve gland handling saturated steam and pump stuffing box handling hot water, air, gas, oil at elevated pressure, conforming to IS-4687/1980 Gr. III.
SS-1991 325°C Lubricated and Graphited Asbestos twisted packing recommended for valve stem of smaller size valve and pump & miniature apparatus in steam application. Several packing strand can be twisted together to suit the size of valve gland/pump stuffing box.
SS-1929 680°C A popular packing developed specially, manufactured out of Crysotile Asbestos Yarn reinforced with Inconel Wire lubricated with Graphite Incorporating Sacrificial metal Corrosion inhibitor to prevent galvanic corrosion on Stainless Steel Spindle. This packing does Super Sealing job at extremely high temperature and high pressure application and are extremely suitable for Main Steam Line Valves. This packing has a tremendous track record in leakage free performance in frequently operated Control Valves. Unless otherwise specified, this packing is manufactured as per BHEL Spcn No. VL: STDC: 021.
SS-1939 815°C A specially developed high grade Asbestos packing reinforced with Special Alloy Wire/Stainless Steel Wire lubricated with graphite incorporating Active Corrosion Inhibitor with controlled Chloride content upto 200ppm (max.) This packing is highly recommended for valve application against steam, gas, oil etc. Unless otherwise specified, it is manufactured as per BHEL Specification No. VL:STDC:004.
SS-1949 500°C Self lubricated Special Asbestos packing reinforced with Copper wire and incorporating Special Lubricants to withstand high pressure and temperature for Steam valve / Blast Furnace door etc. If the valve spindle is of Stainless Steel an additive is used to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Acid, Alkali, Oil, Solvent

Style No. Temperature Acid, Alkali, Oil, Solvent
SS-1998 (-150°C tok-300°C) Crysotile Asbestos fibre yarn packing impregnated with special PTFE Dispersion recommended for week acids and alkalis, caustic, solvents, oil, corrosive chemical etc. within Ph. range 2-12.
SS-1996 425°C High grade Crysotile Asbestos packing each strand of which is impregnated with Oil resisting Synthetic Elastomer and treated with anti-frictional Graphite Flake. The packing is also impregnated with special grade of "Break in Lubricant' recommended for hot and cold Oil, solvent. Aromatic Hydrocarbon, Petroleum Distilates etc.
SS-1977 500°C High grade Asbestos packing reinforced with Brass Wire treated with Oil resisting Synthetic Elastomer incorporating special grade lubricant. The incorporation of Brass Wire improves mechanical strength of the packing and the special lubricants improve anti-frictional properties. This packing is highly recommended for Refinery and Petrochemical services against high temperature and high pressure application.
SS-1966 350°C Crysotile Asbestos packing treated with suitable lubricant and high grade Graphite Flake / MOS2, highly recommended against Caustic Liquor including Caustic Potas, Soda, Soda Ash, Lime, Ammonia, Sulphide, Sulphate etc. This packing is also suitable for handling paper Mill Chemicals like Hypo, Black Liquor etc. within Ph. Range 2-12

Thermal Insulation

Style No. Temperature Thermal Insulation
SS-190 415°C - 450°C Non-Metallic White Asbestos Yarn recommended for use between Rough and lrregular Surface, Blast Furnace Connection, Coke Oven, Gas Generator etc. manufactured by wet dispension process having 95-99% Purity to ASTM Grade : AAA.
SS-1997 415°C - 450°C Asbestos Fibre filled Rope Lagging. This Rope is of low density fluffy Asbestos Fibre Poper encapsulated in fish net braided cover, recommended for insultion of Steam Pipe Line, Exhaust Pipe in Thermal Power Station, Steam Generation Plant & Steel Casting.
SS-19992 415°C - 450°C Plain Weave non-Metallic Asbestos cloth of lowest thickness (0.8mm thick). Recommended for special purpose use.
SS-19991 415°C - 450°C White Asbestos Special purpose Non-Metallic Woven Cloth of lower thickness (1.5 - 1.6 mm). This Cloth is specifically used for making Aprons, Ankle Guard, hand Gloves and also insulation of Small Bore Pipe Line.
SS-19990 500°C Non-Metallic Asbestos Closely Woven Cloth (in Plain Weave or TWILL Weave) used for thermal insulation in Power Plant, Boiler Mattresses, Pipe Line protective clothing and Smoothering Fires.
SS-19990 (M) 500°C - 550°C White Asbestos Closely Woven Cloth reinforced with Brass Wire used for High Temperature Thermal Insulation.
SS-19996 215°C Asbestos Cloth in Plain or TWILL Weave proofed with Rubber and are used for Flange Joint, Sealing Boiler Hand Hole and Man Hole, Covers of Tanks and Pressure Vessels and application against Air, Steam and Water. This cloth is also available with Brass Wire reinforcement and is used where heavy load is to be sealed.
SS-19929 450°C Low Density Compressed Asbestos Cloth manufactured in special hi-tech process, extremely light weight of this cloth makes it handy and easy to use. This cloth can be used for making special purpose Apron, Hand Glove, Ankle Guard etc used in Steel Melting Shop, Blast Furnace, Aluminium Pot Line and foundry. Moreover this is highly Thermal Insulating and hence can be used as an Insulating Material specifically in apparatus / machinery where weight is a factor & Where tensile strength and rough use is concerned, insertion of Metallic wire Mess is provided in the cloth for ultimate performance.

Electrical Insulation

Style No. Temperature Electrical Insulation
SS-19997 450°C Asbestos Webbing Tapes, Metallic and Non-Metallic for Insulation of Small Pipes & door frames of ovens etc.
SS-19997 315°C Asbestos Listing Tape for Insulation of Traction Coils and in Electrical Winding.

Hand Gloves

Style No. Temperature Hand Gloves
SS-19 350°C - 450°C Asbestos hand gloves manufactured from wet dispersion process cloth, 95-99% Purity ASTM Grade /AAA. Also available ISI / LOI Grade.