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  • Jointings

  • A good quality general purpose jointing material developed for low and medium stress conditions, Suitable for complete sealing...

  • Textiles

  • "SUPERSEAL" brings you international quality and technology of purest so also safest and the best Asbestos packing...

  • Mill Board

  • 'SUPERBOARD' Asbestos Millboard is manufactured from selected clean, long Asbestos Fibres of uniform quality mixed with suitable...

  • Gaskets

  • FLANGE FINISH is important. Concentric groove finish is ideal for high pressure. Spiral (gramophone) groove finish give a continuous...

Welcome to Super Waudite Jointings Pvt. Ltd.

Super Waudite is a well-known brand for compressed jointing sheets/packing & insulation products popular for past 25 years with Indian engineers, users, OEM Companies and gasket cutters.

In 1885, Richard Klinger produced the first rubber asbestos jointing in the world. Today the Klinger group is world's largest manufacturers of this high performance gasket joinings. M/S. Hardcastle & Waud Mfg. Co. Ltd. Established in 1944, pioneered sale of Klinger jointing materials in India, and later in 1971 started production of Super Waudite according to the Technical characteristics of Klinger.

From the year January 1994 all the jointings activities of Hardcastle & Waud is handed over to Super Waudite Jointings Pvt. Ltd., which inherits, on the one hand, the proven technology, goodwill and continuous association of M/s. Hardcastle Waud and Group of Companies, PROMOTER'S command more than 30 years of successful track record in the field of asbestos textiles, packings and insulation products. With this double heritage, Super Waudite is well geared to offer our customers and optimum combination of quality and price.

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We at Super Waudite Jointings Pvt. Ltd are commited for excellence in providing widest range of jointings, Insulation Sealings and Packing Products manufactured from product appropriate indigenous and special purpose.

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